OUR range of 100% recycled plastic fencing will easily outlast a timber equivalent by many years

Made from the same robust recycled material as our Mudcontrol INB® slabs.

no more creosote, timber treatment or digging out old rotten posts

Save yourself the ongoing hassle and invest in a long term solution.

Conditions outside are tough


Moisture, cold, heat, UV-rays and pollution affect common building materials: metal rusts, concrete weathers and wood splits and rots.

mudcontrol fencing does not decay


Our fence posts are proven to be very durable. Nothing needs replacement, repairs, or maintenance. Therefore our fencing gives excellent lifetime value. 

a sound investment for years to come


Why allow your investment to be chewed, rot or split in frost or sun? Install our long lasting, ecologically sound and viable alternative.

20 year guarantee

They can be treated exactly the same as a wooden post: mechanically or hand driven, sawn, nailed, screwed and stapled etc.

Will easily outlast a timber equivalent by many years.

available in:

1.5M to 3M LENGTH posts

80MM TO 150MM diameter


Brown or Grey in colour

beams & rails also available


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PLEASE NOTE: other sizes are available and we will be updating the site to include these in the near future, in the meantime please contact us with your requirements and we will get back to you ASAP.

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