why choose Mudcontrol inb slabs?

Heavy duty ground stabilizing slabs


which interlock securely and require no substructure, ensuring quick and easy installation of a totally stable slabbed area, anywhere that mud is a problem which, unlike mud mats, will not disappear.

always adaptable to your needs


as with general grass mats or mud mats, our slabs are not necessarily permanent installation and they can always be lifted and used elsewhere as your needs require - and come with a 20 year manufacturer warranty.

Minimal ground preparation


just level the area (fill potholes, remove big stones) and lay the Mudcontrol INB slabs. No substrate is required to achieve a firm surface, just slot our slabs together to create stability in minutes, even on top of sloppy mud!

Highly durable and very strong


the slabs weigh 28 kg per square metre (7 kg per slab) and can withstand more than 60 tonnes of compression, which, unlike grass mats, makes them ideal for even the heaviest of farm traffic.

engineered to be Slip resistant


the closed side of the MUDCONTROL INB® system is stamped with two types of nub. The combined pattern, especially when topped with sand,  provides high slip resistance under wet conditions, for people and animals.

enable natural surface drainage


the securely interlocking slabs enable the natural drainage of the

surface, enables grass growth and prevent the ground underneath from compacting or being churned up due to heavy use.



£23 per square metre excluding VAT

£27.60 including VAT

MUDCONTROL INB® Slabs are fully certified - please see our array of certificates here3


Why aren't your delivery costs on the website? 

The cost per pallet varies depending on the delivery postcode. It also varies a tiny bit depending on the weight of the pallet. So we do a ‘pallet preparation and delivery’ quotation individually for every enquiry. 

installing your mudcontrol inb slabs



Level the ground by flattening bumps, removing rocks and filling holes. Lay down the first row of MUDCONTROL INB® slabs across the full length of the area to be covered.



The second row of slabs should be staggered against the first by using a half grid at the beginning. Slabs can be easily cut with a saw.  Cutting:  MUDCONTROL INB® slabs are easily cut with skill saws, bench saws, panel saws or jig saws. Other power tools may also be appropriate.  Inserting: When laying down MUDCONTROL INB® slabs, a crowbar or shovel can give helpful leverage - but do not apply too much force. The slabs should fit loosely together to avoid high tensions during extreme hot or cold weather.



Lay down the second row of slabs after the first row has been done. Remember to leave a 1/4” (0.5 cm) expansion gap. Our MUDCONTROL INB® slabs make it easy to cover even large areas relatively quickly. Although the grids adapt well to uneven ground, level ground gets the best results. 

Tip: A substrate like sand can be used to level the slabs out. Even after installation, substrate can fill gaps and dips by using a leverage action.



Once the slabs have been laid out, fill the holes with washed sand or another water-permeable material. For general use, but especially with all-season open stabling, we recommend a finishing layer of sand. 

Please allow any Animals / Livestock time to acclimatise to any changes in ground surfaces.  Once the slabs have been laid, we recommend filling the holes with sand or another water permeable material. For general use, but especially with all-season open stabling, we recommend a finishing layer of sand, as per the manufacturer's installation instructions.

Please be aware in certain circumstances of extremely waterlogged ground and where liquid mud is on the surface, the mud will come up through the holes in the slabs, this is normal. You may need to scrape this off the surface, the same is true of mud carried onto the surface by traffic. The slabs will still provide a stable platform and stop you sinking in the mud.

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